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Change me & you
Saturday, 12 September 2015 | 5:02 pm | 0 comment(s)
Im sorry that im the one who made you looks idiot of waiting for me.
I think i don't deserve to be the one who are you waiting for.
Im sorry sepanjang perkenalan kita im hurting you so damn bad.
Idiot of me. Bodohnya rasa.
Im sorry i give you hopes amd give you the happiness that i didn't know what are your feelings.
I gave hopes as im the one who r hoping for something that me myself didn't sure i will get it.
Im too depends on "InshaAllah, wherever you go, whatever you do, if you're the one, you will be the one" just keep praying and try harder.
Hati manusia boleh berubah. Jikalau awak dah give up, tlg bagitahu supaya saya pun tak simpan perasaan apa apa dkt awak lagi.
Jikalau awak dah berubah & bukan awak yg duli, just act like we were never know each other. Tapi mohon, jangan jd stranger.
I beg to you, dont be strangers.
Kalau dah tak sayang, tell me. Supaya kenangan sblm ni bisa dihakis & ditapis sebaiknya 💔😔

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